BlackX Refund and Cancellation Policy

Last Updated September 25, 2022

This Policy describes the criteria to claim a refund in relation to BlackX Sell and other services. If we change our refund policy, we will update this page. If any changes are significant, on-boarded Businesses with BlackX Sell will be notified (for example, through the BlackX dashboard notification or by registered email).

Onboarding Charges

We may collect a small fee while onboarding businesses for our Products/Services. Businesses will be eligible to claim a refund within 48 hours after BlackX receives the payment. Note: the refund may take 5-7 working days. For any transaction failures Businesses need to get in touch with respective support from which the payment was made or the financial institution. To claim a refund, Business can drop an email to

Subscription Charges

Subscription charges are applicable when businesses are using BlackX Sell. This payment is collected on a monthly basis and will not be refunded. If Business wishes to cancel the Subscription with BlackX Sell, they can get in touch with our support team at or manage the subscription from the dashboard. The cancellation of BlackX Sell services will take effect before the next Subscription period and after the request is reviewed.